Regulatory attention is focused on the presence of certain man-made substances in the environment at trace levels (parts per trillion or ppt). The science regarding whether these trace levels cause harm is not well developed. However, there is growing awareness that some of these substances are detectable in nearly all U.S. blood samples, and they

PFAS State Survey: Standards and Guidance Values for PFAS in Groundwater, Drinking Water and Surface Water

PFAS - State Survey Litigation Map

Source: Interstate Technology Regulatory Council (“ITRC”) PFAS Fact Sheets updated as of August 31, 2020.
To see the specific state standards or guidance for groundwater, drinking water and surface water refer to PFAS Fact Sheets, PFAS Water and Soil

On February 10, 2020, the Trump administration announced its proposed U.S. EPA budget for fiscal year 2021 of $6.7 billion down from $9.1 billion for fiscal year 2020, representing a 26% cut. While it is unlikely that the proposed budget cuts will be approved by Congress, it is notable that the proposed EPA budget included